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Tropical Animals Matching

Best educational game for kids with cute tropical animals free!


Play with the cutest exotic animals and train your brain! Download the most addictive Tropical Animals Matching Game for free. This magnificent collection is an educational game for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school kids and for everyone who wants to exercise their concentration and have fun at the same time. It is also the best English learning app that teaches kids how to name each animal and how to write them and a cool quiz game that checks their knowledge and make them have a great time.

**** Tropical Animals Matching Game collection: ****

** 1 Player Card Game – Cool card matching game for toddlers. Play animal memory game, pair the cards but try to be as quick as possible. Get better result than previous time and reach your personal record.

** 2 Player Brain Training Game – challenge your friend or a member of your family. Concentrate well and try to pick the right cards in order to find identical tropical animals. Try to pair more cards in order to win this fantastic multiplayer game.

** Meet the Animals – this is an educational game where you can tap the card with a tiger, hypo, parrot or any other exotic animal to see and hear its name in English. With this fun educational game you can teach your kids all the kinds of tropical animals and the English words for them at the same time.

** Animal Quiz Game for Toddlers -Test your kids’ memory in the best manner. Tell them to pick the right card with a picture of a tropical animal on it when they hear a question “where is the lion/giraffe?”. This is the best way to check if they have learned correctly how to name each animal in English.

**** Tropical Animals Matching Game features: ****

** More than just a classic board game for girls and boys with the ocean animal pictures: crocodile,monkey, rhino, flamingo etc!

** Easy to play and cute interface that helps toddlers, preschoolers and other kids and adults play this game for two players with ease and fun!

** Exotic animal match memory training game free develops recognition, concentration and motor skills of kids of all ages!

** Various difficulty levels with different number of matching cards for kids that help them train their brain and improve their concentration.

If you don’t know how to find fun and easy way to teach your kid all kids of animals or to teach him to say all of them in English, Tropical Animals Matching Game free for kids will help you with that. Kids easily loose interest and focus and it is hard sometimes to teach them anything. But that’s not the case with this magnificent app. The easy to use interface and super cute animals will keep all the kids entertained for hours. You will be surprised how one mind game collection can do a lot to your kids concentration and make them have fun at the same time.

**** The cutest multiplayer game with matching cards! ****

Whenever you want to spent high quality time with your kids, play this fantastic Tropical Animals Matching Game for two players. Compete with your kids and make them concentrate more in order to win. It is also fantastic if you have two kids and want to entertain them and make them focused. This is the first brain game that is a good time killer but also a perfect educational app for your kids. Don’t hesitate, do something good for your kids and make them happy!