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Kid Artist – Animals Coloring

Express your creativity and learn new animals in this cool coloring game!

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All little painters and artists around the world – a new coloring game is here, with more than 70 beautiful animals to meet and color! Express your creativity! Are you ready to turn on your imagination and bring to life unicorns, horses, raccoons, zebras, lions, dogs, cows, pigs, sheep and many more? Kid Artist – Coloring Animals game is a fantastic educational collection of different animals that live all around the globe, where your kid, toddler, preschooler or a school kid can express creativity, while having fun!

Kid Artist – Animals Coloring game consists of:

Six coloring books: Farm Book, Sea Book, Forest Book, Tropical Book, Cute Book and Dino Book. In each book there are twelve cool animals waiting to be colored! For example, in Sea Book there are beautiful princess mermaids, along with interesting fish and other underwater creatures! Cute Book offers fluffy animals, and cute creatures like unicorns and bunnies, bears and baby seal. In a Farm Book you can enjoy coloring all the domestic animals, pigs, sheep, dogs or cows and much more. Try them all!

Pick your favorite scene or animal and express your creativity! There are many cool features offered:

– bucket paint mode – This mode will make your painting much easier. Certain places on the drawing will be colored by only one touch!

– brush paint mode – In this mode you will feel like a true artist by painting a scenery with different sizes of a brush!

– sticker mode – By using this awesome new feature you can make the most beautiful paintings ever by putting stickers on the scenery, like hearts, kisses, snowflakes, butterflies and more, where ever you want! Share it with your friends!

– automatic save – This cool feature allows you not to worry about accidentally going back on the previous menu, because everything you do on a drawing is being automatically saved!

– zoom in/out – This cool feature is made in order to make painting easier! You can color all the little things in the drawing with your magic fingers! Zoom in to paint little stuff, and than zoom out to see the whole picture!

Our Coloring App is an excellent educational and learning game for kids! Coloring games can help children learn new shapes and colors, while having fun, through coloring different animals and sceneries! Also, by coloring your child improves motor skills!

Kid Artist – Animals Coloring game is the best collection of different kind of animals suitable for every little artist, a boy or a girl! With cute animals and creatures like bears, unicorns and kittens, your girl will be excited! But, also, boys will be stunned by a whole coloring book with dinosaurs for them to paint along with more then 60 other animals and sceneries!

Preschool kids, toddlers and other children need creative games like Kid Artist – Animals Coloring game to develop motor and thinking skills, as well as hand-eye coordination, and much more! Get Kid Artist game for free and you will see how much your kids will learn and progress in so many ways!

This Coloring Game makes your children have fun while coloring animals who live on a farm, like pigs, sheep, horses, cats, or in the tropical places, like lizards, lions, monkeys, or even dinosaurs like T-Rex and much, much more. More than 70 animals and sceneries for boys and girls to color with their magical fingers, which make them feel like true painters, and maybe encourage them to explore their talent!

Kid Artist – Animals Coloring game for free is a perfect activity game for kids, toddlers, schoolchildren! Download it now for free and give your kids fantastic coloring and painting experience! Discover all the amazing benefits of a coloring book for kids and enjoy the beauty and variety of different sceneries with interesting animals!