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Dino Matching & Quiz Games

Prehistoric adventure where you can learn and play with dinosaurs

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Are you up for a cool adventure through the prehistoric world? Are you up to meeting dangerous dinosaurs like T-Rex and Velociraptor, or big gentle plant eaters like Brachiosaurus? Download Dino Matching and Quiz Games game for free, and enjoy learning about amazing beings that lived millions years ago! This magnificent collection is an educational game for toddlers, preschoolers, school kids, and everyone who wants to exercise their concentration and have fun at the same time! It is also a quiz game, where kids can learn different species of dinosaurs!

Dino Matching and Quiz Games consists of:

> 1 Player Card Game – Cool card matching game for toddlers, school kids and adults! Play dino memory game, pair the cards, but try to be as quick as possible. Try to beat your previous results and reach your personal record!

> 2 Player Brain Training Game – Challenge your friend or a member of a family! Set your mind on picking the identical pair of dinosaurs in order to win! Try to match more pairs of cards in a row, so you could be the best player!

> Meet the Animals – Tap the card with a T-Rex, or a Stegosaurus, or maybe a Triceratops, or any other dinosaur, and you will find out the name of its species. With this Learning App you can have fun and learn new stuff at the same time!

> Quiz Game for Toddlers – Test your memory in the best way! Answer correctly on questions and you will be reworded with a bunch of balloons!!!

Dino Matching and Quiz Games features:

*** More than just a classic board game for boys, girls and adults with cool dinosaurs: T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl etc.

*** Easy to play, with fun and colorful interface, this game provides a great way to spend time with your kids!!!

*** Dino Matching and Quiz Games with dinosaurs for free, develops recognition, improves knowledge, concentration and motor skills of kids and adults!

*** Various difficulty levels with different number of matching cards for kids and adults, help you improve your skills in terms of concentration.

Dino Matching and Quiz Games FREE DOWNLOAD is an educational game that also improves health! If your child has problems with focus and concentration in school, and loves T-Rex, Brachiosarus and other dinosaurs, dino brain teasing game is the best choice!

Dino Matching and Quiz Games for free, is the best gift for you and your child, which you will enjoy together, having fun while matching the right dinosaur with his pair! Great stuff for your toddler, stimulating and challenging in every way, and especially if your kid loves dangerous meat eater T-Rex or one of the biggest plant eaters ever walked the Earth – Brachiosaurus. This matching game and quiz with prehistoric dinosaurs for free, one of a kind in the market, has it all: brain teasing quiz, which tests your knowledge of dinosaurs, match up memory game, where you can improve your motor skills as well as concentration, and through beautiful drawings and music, you will feel like you found yourself in a prehistoric world!!!